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Version 9 has been declared End of Life. We suggest migration to Version 10.
How to upgrade from Version 9 to Version 10
Login to the Customer Portal. From the list of registered appliances, click on ‘Upgrade’ for the Version 9 Cyberoam appliance that you wish to upgrade. Follow the procedure displayed to you, thereafter.
If you wish to continue with Version 9, refer to the table given below
Current Version Applicable Upgrade Download File Size (bytes) Release Date Md5Sum & Above upgrade.cyberoam.96078    90.0 MB (94093312) 23 Feb, 2010 915b5129825b55a38aba0d555e15694c or or upgrade.cyberoam.95868   
( CR 15i Only )
78.0 MB (81592320) 16 Feb, 2010 543a126c9ed389d318d51bd46707c92b & Above PDF upgrade.cyberoam.95322    36 MB (37744640) 18th Mar, 2008 f1deb2a141783e8d207c1cbe147f27f1 PDF upgrade.cyberoam.9420    16 MB (16785408) 30th Apr, 2007 a416edc122c4695ef9b7f2dd23eaa892 PDF upgrade.cyberoam.9412    2.1 MB (2195456) 20th Mar, 2007 f38324353f5b5d3360b313c2dd204dc5
9.4.0.x PDF upgrade.cyberoam.9410    13.4 MB (14004224) 13th Feb, 2007 02de923d58fe2f35085f58f5be4deade PDF upgrade.cyberoam.9402    36.6 MB (38338560) 16th Nov, 2006 eba615d0147de7127696ee5c8a40f59c
  Use an MD5 checksum verification utility to verify the integrity of the downloaded upgrade as described below.
  Verify the file size in Bytes and follow the below given steps to verify the MD5 Checksum:
  1. Download Md5sum.exe and copy the file to C:\
  2. Type c:\md5sum [upgrade.cyberoam.xxxx]
  3. The md5sum program will calculate the MD5 checksum of the file and display it as an output.
  4. Compare the MD5 checkksum with the one shown in the table next to the each release.
  5. If the MD5 checksums don't match download the upgrade file again and repeat the procedure. In case it still fails contact Cyberoam Support for further action.

Please note: We've updated the End User License Agreements for Cyberoam, CCC. You can review the updated EULAs here. By continuing to use the products, you agree to the updated EULAs