Upgrade for up-to-date security!

Current Version Release Note Download File Size (bytes) Release Date Md5Sum
02.03.0307 or higher (NM appliances) 02.04.0 build 249PDF CCC.02_04_0249   135 MB (141063788) 16 March, 2016 19f03909c39e78af37da20279338a4e9
02.03.0307 or higher 02.04.0 build 249PDF CCC.02_04_0249   135 MB (140558949) 16 March, 2016 8895ce2e942888aa53ef828efa39091a
02.00.2018 or higher 02.03.0 build 307PDF CCC.02_03_0307   149 MB (156242636) 21 July, 2014 309943dd4563aa824019bb28e649f7ae
02.00.0054 or higher 02.00.2 Build 018PDF CCC.02_00_2018   101.1MB (106046501) 23 Nov, 2011 da8f9cdb2ab080a33b288444a424cfdc
  Use an MD5 checksum verification utility to verify the integrity of the downloaded upgrade as described below.
  Verify the file size in Bytes and follow the below given steps to verify the MD5 Checksum:
  1. Download Md5sum.exe and copy the file to C:\
  2. Type c:\md5sum [Firmware File Name]
  3. The md5sum program will calculate the MD5 checksum of the file and display it as an output.
  4. Compare the MD5 checkksum with the one shown in the table next to the each release.
  5. If the MD5 checksums don't match download the upgrade file again and repeat the procedure. In case it still fails contact Cyberoam Support for further action.